Addiction doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, age or social status. Anyone can find themselves embroiled in substance abuse, and most of these people require medical treatment to overcome their affliction. Sadly, there is still a stigma attached to rehab, especially rehab for pregnant women. The shame of admitting you have a problem often overshadows the knowledge that you need to seek help to get better.

Acknowledging that you need help often seems much more difficult than continuing along the destructive path of addiction. This chronic disease hijacks the pathways of your brain and can be so strong that it causes good women to prioritize drugs or alcohol over their health and the  health of their unborn child. At Serene Beginnings, we never judge, we understand that addiction is a disease, not a choice. Our modern facility is a safe and comfortable place to begin rebuilding your future.

If you’re a pregnant woman who is ready to seek help, you can speak to one of our admission specialists about the best course of action at 866-300-6955.

There are plenty of misconceptions about how soon-to-be mothers are treated for addiction. Expectant mothers can be averse to going to rehab for fear there will be legal consequences or they’ll be shamed and labelled as a “bad mother.” It’s imperative to understand that addiction can happen to anyone.
From women with alcohol addiction to those who are being controlled by heroin use, we’ve successfully helped countless expectant mothers build the self-esteem and confidence required for recovery.

No two women are the same. Therefore, an individual treatment plan is constructed to ensure your unique needs are met. Exposing your child to chemicals is risky, but you’re in as much danger as your unborn child is. Our focus is on helping keep you and your baby as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. Negative feelings towards yourself fuel addiction. You’ll work hard with our therapists to learn how to value yourself and gain the resilience you need to quit alcohol or drugs for good.

At Serene Beginnings, pregnant women take part in a mixture of group and individual therapy. Individual therapy allows you to be heard and also guided by a psychotherapist with experience in what you’re going through. One of the most enlightening aspects of treatment for pregnant women suffering from addiction is group therapy. There’s no better way to see that you’re not alone and understand that your experience is valid than through being with other women who have made the hard choice to get help, just like you.

Group therapy has a number of benefits for expectant mothers. Being taught about how to take care of yourself can feel embarrassing or like you’re being judged in a one-on-one setting. When you’re in a group setting though, you’re not the only one learning. Some women had parents who never taught them these vital life skills, and being among a support group with people sharing in this experience makes it a far more encouraging and positive experience. Some of the vital skills you’ll learn during group therapy include:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Emotional regulation and self-soothing
  • Vital parenting skills
  • Building self-worth
  • How to promote optimal health for you and your unborn child
  • The importance of expressing how you feel
  • Maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Coping mechanisms in the face of adversity
  • Relapse prevention

While pregnancy can be an important motivating factor for women with substance abuse disorders, it is also extremely stressful. Some women fall into the trap of believing that if they are dependent on a drug such as heroin, their addiction will be replaced with a substitute drug, so it’s pointless. However, medications such as methadone and buprenorphine can be used while breastfeeding and are less harmful to your baby than heroin or other opiates such as fentanyl or oxycodone.

You’ll need an addiction specialist to manage the doses as your body adapts to the different stages of pregnancy. If you don’t already live in a supportive, structured environment, we recommend seeking out specialist housing for pregnant women with substance abuse disorders. This will give you another vital layer of peer support as you and your fellow residents battle addiction together. Our team is happy to help you find suitable accommodation if you need it.

You won’t only be treated by Serene Beginnings specialists; we ensure that all pregnant women spend time with obstetricians. These are doctors who have specialized qualifications in providing medical care during pregnancy and delivering babies. If MAT is something you need in order to get better, this will be strictly overseen by medical professionals.

We are ambassadors of the STEP parent education program, created by expert psychologists. This program helps parents to focus on the positive aspects of themselves, their children and the parenting process as a whole. Our team goes through this vital resource with you and helps you to feel confident and excited about the joys of parenthood. When you feel good about yourself and your unborn child, substance abuse loses its appeal and you can focus on a happy, healthy future.

Case managers are specialists, usually social workers, who understand complex issues and help link their clients with the spectrum of services they need. Serene Beginnings provides pregnant women who are undergoing drug treatment with individual case managers. Your case manager gets to know your unique circumstances and links you with all of the benefits and resources that are available to you.

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Aftercare Planning

When you’re finished with your course of rehab, your journey along the road to recovery doesn’t come to an end. Addiction is a chronic illness that requires ongoing care, whether it’s targeted individual counseling in an outpatient setting or attending regular 12-stepor Smart Recovery meetings. Those who overcome addiction continue treatment for at least two years after completing a rehabilitation course, with many attending support groups indefinitely.

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