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Men’s Addiction Treatment

Men experience both addiction and treatment in a much different manner than women, which is why men’s addiction treatment programs exist. Through these programs, men are given the opportunity to work through the factors that contribute to their addictive behaviors in an environment that is free of judgment. Men are naturally more guarded than women, however, when the appropriate therapies and approaches are supplied, those walls can be broken down quickly and effectively. Additionally, studies show that men who enter into men’s only treatment programs stay in treatment longer, thus increasing their chances of remaining in recovery.

Men are characteristically more likely to avoid reaching out for treatment for not only substance abuse but also symptoms of a mental health condition. Like women, men are more susceptible to developing specific mental health conditions due to their gender, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Allowing symptoms of a condition as serious as PTSD to continue can cause a man to utilize drugs and/or alcohol as a method of coping.

How do Men Differ in Their Sobriety Journey?

Risk Factors of Addiction

The male mind and body react in their own ways when substances are present. For example, when a man drinks alcohol, his brain releases a larger amount of dopamine than a woman’s brain does. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that produces feelings of relaxation and reward. In other words, alcohol (as well as other substances) typically has a stronger effect on men than women.

Additionally, research has determined that men face very different risk factors for addiction development than women. Some of the risk factors that contribute to the development of addiction in men can include the following:

  • Peer pressure
  • Escapism
  • Work-related stress
  • Untreated mental health conditions

Also highly influenced by their peers, men tend to experiment with more substances on a more frequent basis than women are. The behaviors associated with abusing substances can originate from feeling pressured by other men in social circles to do so. In addition, the draw to abusing substances is often triggered by work-related stress, especially in men. Similar to experiencing peer pressure, men often determine their self-worth based on the position they hold at their job. As stress builds to uphold or reach for a new position, men can quickly feel overwhelmed and begin using as a means of coping with the stress.

It is also very common for men to abuse substances as a means of escaping reality. One reason for feeling the need to do this is because men are often left feeling as though they need to hide their emotions to uphold a sense of what a man “should” be in today’s society. Unfortunately, however, not expressing emotions can lead to feeling that need to escape, which can turn into abusing substances to do so.

Why You Should Consider Gender-Specific Treatment for Men

Benefits of Our Men’s Addiction Treatment Program in Delray Beach

One of the most critical benefits of our men’s addiction treatment program in Delray Beach is that it provides male patients with a space where they can feel safe to share the experiences that are related to their addiction. When women are present, men are more likely to withhold certain experiences (such as those connected to past sexual abuse) as well as omit how they are truly feeling. When surrounded by other men who can relate to what he is going through, a man can feel comfortable letting his guard down and share experiences and emotions freely and without judgment.

Many men who experience addiction struggle with their egos. And, when women are in a group therapy setting with them, their egos can overpower their need to discuss actions that were shameful in their past. A major part of treatment is addressing past issues, taking accountability for them, and moving on. Having that privacy within a male-only setting can make that process much easier.

A men’s treatment program for substance abuse is also beneficial for male patients because specific therapeutic services can be offered. For example, many men grapple with gender-specific issues, such as rage, aggression, depression, and more. To best manage these issues, men’s treatment can utilize therapeutic services such as anger management classes, trauma treatment, and experiential therapy to break through to the male population.

As men work together in group therapy settings through men’s addiction treatment, they can develop a strong bond where they are free to show care and concern for one another without the pressure of societal norms, as well as establish deep emotional ties to one another. The connections made in treatment can last a lifetime.

If you are a man who is grappling with symptoms of addiction, know that you do not need to keep on this path. We can help you overcome the many challenges you have so that you can live a prosperous life. Do not hesitate to reach out for help. We are here to help you make your addiction a thing of the past once and for all.

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Serene Beginnings intensive outpatient program for men has a strong foundation of counseling and psychotherapy. Patients can expect to participate in group therapies, which usually revolve around either education — learning more about alcoholism, addiction, recovery, and vita; relapse-prevention skills — or honing social and relationship-building skills. Finally, our Men’s Addiction Treatment Program offers numerous opportunities to personalize the curriculum with complementary and supplemental treatments. The idea is to address every patient’s unique recovery needs by allowing them to pick and choose treatments that best correspond to those needs. Get help now and call us today.


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