Serene Beginnings is founded on commitment, hope, and truth.

It is a treatment program for men and women ages 18 and over who suffer from chemical dependency. We address the “taboos” for men, such as shame, self-esteem, and fear.  Men in society today are in critical need of a safe, professional, therapeutic environment in which they can not only break through the denial of chemical dependency but identify, treat, and recover from sensitive gender-specific issues that have historically created devastating consequences and great shame.

Oftentimes people in active addiction tend to lose the only thing no one can ever take away from a human being – and their good name.

Serene Beginnings allows men and women with addiction to empower themselves with knowledge, skills training, psychotherapy, and tools to recover from this debilitating disease.  Empowerment brings back ego strength, self worth, and most of all, freedom from the imprisonment of active addiction and its subsequent harm.  Integrity, or a return to one’s ethical code, is the result of abstinence from compulsive, destructive thought processes and behaviors, which leads to a quality, recovering lifestyle that allows for thriving in life, rather than continuing to simply survive the pain.

The staff at Serene Beginnings is licensed and certified in chemical dependency and mental health.

Our licensed clinicians in conjunction with an educated, certified support and administrative staff create an arena where clients can safely identify their patterns of defenses and self-deception perpetuate active addiction.  Additionally, the power of the group and community in recovery empowers the clients individually and collectively to take back their good names and recover.

Serene Beginnings is the where the road to recovery starts. Our hope and commitment are to aid these addicted people in receiving the best treatment for specific issues that create the cycles, fragmentation, and generational patterns that affect so many.

Focal clinical areas in our philosophy:

We also engage the family members in psychoeducation, counseling, and on-site support groups.  Family systems are shattered, parents terrified, employers frustrated, friends confused.  The addicted person is fragmented at best, feeling helpless and hopeless. They seem bent on total self-destruction, leaving families and friends wondering what happened to their loved one.

People with the disease of addiction are gifted in so many ways, contributors to society, and a blessing when sober and abstinent from destructive behaviors.  However, when in the active illness of addiction, they may be in jail for driving while impaired or for possession of illicit drugs, in psychiatric wards, in hospitals after near-fatal overdoses.  Their gifts and talents are a distant memory; the pain their addiction brings to them, their families, and the communities is all we can see and feel.  A sense of powerlessness can set in.  At Serene Beginnings, we want to help our clients’ loved ones understand this disease, for the family to open lines of communication again, and find help for themselves.

Gainful employment greatly enhances a person’s ability to be self-supporting and/or supportive of their family, financially independent, and autonomous, which in turn greatly increases the ability to remain sober and lead a productive, drug-free lifestyle. We work from the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT), striving to aid our clients in finding a sense of self-efficacy through work.  In our practical curriculum and exercises, we support, train, and coach using vocational rehabilitation modeled after Individual Placement and Support {IPS}:  A “Place and Train” Evidenced-Based Practice Model.