To begin, there are several types of substance abuse such as prescription medicine, abuse of legal substances, alcohol and prescription medication. Types of treatment available are outpatient treatment programs, individualized drug counseling and group counseling.

Signs And Symptoms Of Substance Abuse

There are certain signs and symptoms where a person needs substance abuse treatments. One sign is when you drive a car while being intoxicated or high. Another sign is when your doctor tells you that you have health problems that are being caused by drug or alcohol use. Keep in mind; drugs of all kinds can become harmful to the body over a period of time and can cause various health problems to your heart, brain or liver.

Other signs you need help are when your friends and family say that they are concerned about your drinking or drugs and have asked you stop drinking or using drugs.

If you have experienced withdrawal symptoms after you have stopped taking drugs or alcohol, this is another red light that you need treatment.

  • For example, if you experience cramps, headaches, insomnia, paranoia or irritability after not taking drugs, you need treatment.
  • Keep in mind; a detox program can help you get through the withdrawal time and medication can ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Another indication is if your freedom has been threatened because of the drugs or alcohol. Perhaps you have been drunk or under the influence of drugs in public. Or, maybe you became violent when using drugs.

Substance Abuse Can Be Treated

In addition, another reason why you need substance abuse treatment is if you have harmed others or yourself while under the influence.

  • Keep in mind; certain drugs can increase or cause depression and other mental illnesses like paranoia and anxiety.
  • Most importantly, even though you may feel that your situation is hopeless, substance abuse can be treated, as well as depression and types of mental illnesses.

Why You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

Another indication where you may need to seek help from a treatment program is if you have tried to quit but have been unable to do so. If this has happened to you, your body and mind have become addicted to the substance. Other reasons to seek help are if you have lied about your drinking or drug use or you want to stop drinking or using drugs but you don’t know how.

Benefits In Getting Help

There are many benefits in seeking help with your drug or alcohol addiction such as getting help from a qualified, stable and caring drug or alcohol treatment center and getting help from counselors who know about addiction and how to help others get back into a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits are sharing with others who are also seeking treatment and getting support and advice during recovery.

  • Most importantly, a treatment center offers a daily routine.
  • Patients go to group therapy, one-on-one therapy, alternative therapy and 12 step support groups.
  • Good nutrition is also presented to recovering addicts.

In addition, a zero tolerance policy is also enforced in a drug treatment plan. In other words, no one is allowed to bring drugs or alcohol into the treatment center.

To conclude, There are several types of substance abuse such as prescription medicine, legal substances that are abused, alcohol and prescription medication. Keep in mind; the importance of substance abuse treatment cannot be overstated. Talk with a substance abuse counselor soon and find hope and direction for a happier and drug-free life!