People are reaching out for addiction treatment now more than ever before. With rates of substance abuse on the rise, admissions into treatment centers have risen, too. This means, that while addiction still remains a pervasive problem within our society, that more and more people are taking the time to properly address their issues in a manner that allows them to achieve long-lasting recovery.

One of the most commonly sought after forms of treatment is an intensive outpatient program, which has helped countless individuals resolve their addictive tendencies all while effectively healing other areas of their lives simultaneously. In addition, gender-specific treatment is also very popular, as it offers men and women services specific to the needs of their sex. When both programs are combined, they can be significantly impactful for an individual.

What Is An IOP?

An intensive outpatient program, better known as an IOP, is a form of addiction treatment that provides individuals with a high level of treatment while allowing them to continue living their daily lives. IOP’s are best suited for those who do not require as much hands-on care as those who attend residential treatment programs, but who need more of a focus than those who attend regular outpatient treatment programs. This form of programming is also best for individuals who do not require detox services.

IOP’s have proven to be hugely beneficial in helping individuals receive the care they need all while balancing a home and work life. Some of the services that individuals attending IOP’s will receive include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and more. Through these services, individuals can begin addressing both the obvious and underlying issues that they are experiencing in relation to their addiction. Taking a comprehensive approach, IOP’s work to treat the whole problem, not just symptoms of the problem.

What Is Men’s Only Treatment?

Men are more likely than women to develop substance use disorder. In fact, men abuse substances like alcohol and marijuana at a greater rate than women. Men’s only addiction treatment offers programs geared towards the needs of this specific gender so that true healing and recovery can occur.

Studies show that men and women experience addiction much differently. For instance, the physiological differences between the two genders affect how much of a substance is being abused, what the effects of that substance are, and how it will affect the body. Additionally, the causes behind the development of the addiction can also be gender-specific, as women are more likely to abuse drugs and/or alcohol due to past experiences including sexual abuse, while men might be more likely to use in response to work-related stressors.

Therefore, men’s only treatment offers a variety of different services capable of helping men through their addictions in a way that addresses the gender-specific aspects that factor into their disease.

5 Benefits Of A Men’s IOP

When these two forms of treatment combine, you get men’s only IOP. And, if you are a man that is grappling with addiction but is still able to effectively manage different areas of your life, you might be the ideal candidate for this kind of treatment programming.

Men’s only IOP programs offer a multitude of different benefits. Not only is this form of treatment typically more affordable than residential treatment, but it also allows you to continue to live at your home, see your family, and go to work all while getting the intensive treatment you need to stop your addiction in its tracks. Adding the additional aspect of gender-specific treatment, you can begin to achieve significant success in your recovery.

Some of the many ways in which a men’s only IOP can be beneficial to you include the following:

Decreased Risk Of Relapse:

Relapse is something that everyone recovering from addiction should be aware of, as it always remains a possibility. However, studies show that the longer that you are in treatment for, the more likely you are to not relapse in the future. Men’s only intensive outpatient programs often last for a number of weeks, as opposed to the traditional 30-day model of a residential treatment program. The more involved you are within your treatment and the longer that you stay engaged, the more likely you are to maintain your recovery for a lifetime.

Community Bonding:

If getting sober were simple, everyone would be doing it. Attempting to end an addiction can be extremely challenging, however, developing a strong sense of community support can help guide you.

Men’s only IOP’s often utilized group therapy sessions as a method of evidence-based treatment. Through these group therapy sessions, male patients can come together and bond in a manner where they will continuously utilize one another’s support on the road to recovery.

Coping Skills:

As mentioned previously, men and women often develop addictions for different reasons. Men are more likely to abuse substances in response to peer pressure or stress, while women might do so to self-medicate a mental health condition or pain caused by physical distress. Men respond to treatment differently than women, which means that they can also utilize gender-specific coping skills in their recovery. A men’s only IOP will provide specific skills capable of helping males get through the challenges that they face due to their sex.

Express Emotion:

When men are around women, they might not be as willing to share their entire truth, or access emotions that might make them cry or become upset. This is very natural, as men are conditioned to be non-emotional, especially in front of women. However, when men are gathered together, deeper emotional connections can be forged, and accessing those feelings then becomes much easier to do. As a result, healing can begin faster and recovery can be achieved at a quicker rate.

Maintain Your Job

Many people do not have the option of going to residential treatment because if they do, they might lose their jobs as a result of the time they’d need to take off. However, if you are participating in a men’s only IOP, you can continue to uphold your job all while receiving the gender-specific, detailed care that you need to move forward in your healing.

Asking For Help

Asking for help can be the most challenging part of getting sober, however, once you reach out, your entire life can change for the better. If you are struggling with an addiction, don’t waste one more day using. Instead, contact us. We are here to help you make your way from addiction towards recovery, all while providing you with the tools needed along the way.

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