About Us

If you’re in, we’re in.

Forward-Thinking Treatment Philosophy

We know that successful recovery comes from an internal motivation to heal, combined with practical skills to support sobriety. We will do whatever it takes to set you up for success.  

We are committed to breaking the barriers to recovery. While the long-term goal is successful abstinence from drugs and alcohol, we support each individual’s path in recovery 

Our focus is on saving lives by creating a truly unique treatment plan that considers individual circumstance, including but not limited to: finding a support community that works, medication-assisted treatment, or medications to treat co-occurring conditions. 

Our Values

Tenacity – Ware determined to support the wellbeing of those in search of healing. We commit to persevere towards healing in the face of stigma and outdated ideologies.  

Integrity We are sincere in our desire to help others. We promise to do what we say we’re going to do and to be there throughout the healing process 

Collaboration  If you’re in, we’re in. We partner with you to develop a plan that will set you up for lifelong success.  

Sober Living

We can provide information for FARR-accredited sober living in the area during treatment. Sober living residences strengthen recovery by continuing a supportive and healthy environment during the early days of sobriety.  


All calls are confidential